As a boutique business consultancy, we are intentionally smaller and perfectly formed. Our handpicked team of values-driven experts have vast professional and personal experience in the field, and beyond.  


More than business consultants

When you work with us you benefit from much more than a business consultant; you are working with a team who have walked in your shoes. We recognise the challenges, frustrations and opportunities. We understand.

Our previous careers span a myriad of senior management, leadership and director roles across HR, operational development, culture change, business transformation, safety behaviour, leadership & development, organisation capability, internal & external communications, marketing, project management, recruitment, training and more.  

Proven, bespoke solutions

Being intentionally smaller means we’re able to pack a bigger punch. We’re flexible and agile; we’re not bound by policies, processes or off-the-peg concepts. We operate in the real world where one size doesn’t fit all and life throws us curveballs. So we’re responsive to the ever-changing events, trends and challenges of the corporate environment and we recognise that the same happens in life.

We invest ourselves in the people we work with, their wellbeing and the companies they are a part of; we’re committed, we’re collaborative and when those curveballs hit we’re by your side.

Transformational and sustainable change

Yet we don’t believe in dependency. We create self-sustaining transformation avoiding the reliance on ongoing consultancy support. We dig deep to get to the root of the issue sooner and to create a sustainable solution. Our solutions are people-focused, results-driven and proven.  

We take a different approach to deliver better results.

Our reputation for transformation and achievement goes before us; recommendations have driven our own growth and success since we set out on our journey in 2012. Today we continue to transform mindsets, develop talent and achieve results for organisations, businesses and individuals across the UK.

Our difference sets us apart and gives our clients the edge.

Our team’s experience and expertise

Karen Powell

Karen Powell

HR L&D | Organisation Change | Organisational Capability | Mindset Transformation | Behavioural Change | Enterprise

Lesley Heath.jpg

Lesley Heath

Safety & Environment Management | Mindset Transformation | Behavioural Change


Ian Price

Coaching | Training | Personal Development | Recruitment | Event Management | Business Development | Mindset Transformation | Behavioural Change