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Unlock your leaders’ potential and take them on a journey of discovery to become more effective and open to new possibilities.

Confident, capable leaders and high performing teams are the cornerstones of business growth. Without these two critical components, progress stalls, productivity declines and your greatest asset can become costly.

Our coaching and mentoring programme builds your people capacity to drive business growth. We realise the potential of your people and develop confident leaders and future leaders. Together, we create high performing teams capable of achieving your organisation’s ambitions.


AMOC website plain background.png

Using positive psychology and a strength-based coaching philosophy our approach focuses on mindset and beliefs to create transformational change. We use best practice and scientific evidence-led interventions that have proven benefits for the individual and the organisation. The programme is tailored to the individual and evolves through challenging, supporting and reflecting - every session works at the deepest level. We dig deep to define the current state, uncover barriers and discover the uncomfortable truth for accelerated, sustainable and highly-personalised change.

Our flexible programme is delivered in ways to best suit the needs of you and your business and can take place through:

  • Group sessions

  • 1-2-1 sessions

Who is this for?

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • New leaders

  • Parental leave returners

  • Graduates

  • People needing development


However long you need! We tailor the programme to your needs.

Thanks to our proven approach of positive psychology and strength-based coaching, you’ll benefit from greater productivity, the motivation to realise your organisation’s ambitions and a transformational mindset.

 Our approach has been proven to equip your leaders with the motivation and confidence they need to achieve their potential – and outstanding business results.



Tailored to each individual, we’ll navigate to their deepest levels to challenge and explore their current state, and supporting them to achieve sustainable success. Together we:

  • Develop resilient, adaptable and confident individuals

  • Increase individuals’ agility and business resilience

  • Grow the skills, knowledge and competence of individuals

  • Grow the confidence and motivation of the individual to deliver optimal productivity

  • Can train your own internal coaches and mentors


Education doesn’t stop at the school gates. Our clients have included senior leaders from luxury retail to railway, all seeking personal development to become more effective in their roles.

With years of hands-on experience in senior levels themselves, the experts at A Matter of Choice can unlock your leader’s potential and take them on a journey of discovery, improving their confidence, skills and capacity to drive business growth.

“As people they speak with authenticity because they’ve lived it and breathed it themselves in industry and in different roles. They’ve been there. They’ve been the senior leader and they genuinely know what that’s like.”


- Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute



For more information get in touch via our contact page 

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