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Leadership, management and talent development programme 

Equipping your leaders to deliver the most ambitious business strategy 

Intro: Without the right people with the right skills, growing a successful business can be an uphill struggle. They’re the lifeblood of any organisation and growth is inextricably linked to their abilities and capabilities. From experience, we know that investing in the development of your leadership and management team correlates with reaching ambitious goals. 

Our leadership, management and talent development programme equips your leaders and senior managers to deliver the most ambitious business strategy. 

The Programme 

Our methodology is strengths and solutions-based with emphasis on learning, applying and reflecting. We dig deep into the why what and how to uncover motivations and guarantee growth. Individuals are gently challenged through the facilitation process, guided in reflective practice and given the tools to understand their behaviours better for long-lasting change. The programme leaves your leaders equipped to manage their development and sustain their motivation. Together we: 

· Develop a resilient, adaptable and confident leadership team 

· Enable organisational agility and business resilience 

· Improve employee engagement and engender loyalty 

· Increase individual ability and create capability within the workforce 

· Boost morale and productivity 

· Grow the skills, knowledge and competence of individuals 

Every programme is personalised, and we place the person not their job title at its heart. We’re facilitative, not instructional, and every facilitator has the intuition and expertise to be responsive to personalities and group dynamics to optimise every session. The sessions are practical, they’re not ‘textbook’, and you won’t find a single presentation slide in our programme. 

Proven approach 

We choose from several different methods and match them to the individual for the best outcomes. Every approach is tried, tested and trusted by us to deliver results. 

Beyond the Obvious® | Expert facilitators | Actor-led interventions 

Flexible support 

The programme is delivered in a way which best suits your business needs. 

· 1-2-1 sessions 

· 1 day Workshops 

· Programmes 

· Residential retreats 

· Conferences 

Suitable for 

· Directors 

· Senior leaders 

· Female leaders 

· Young female 

· Managers 

· Supervisors 

· Team Leaders 

· Graduates 

· Intact teams

Contact the Changemakers 

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Words can’t explain how much you have helped and inspired me.
— Sarah