Making Safer Choices – Safety culture, behaviour and leadership

Our Making Safer Choices programme provides a totally new approach to improving safety on a sustainable basis. It aims to change the mindsets that drive the choices people make about safety at an individual and organisational level to embed a culture of safety leadership across the organisation.

The increasing complexity of our environment brings with it complex interactions which are all-dependent on or influence each other. This requires an approach to human error and behavioural safety that understands the mindsets that drive choices. This works at the root level of safety choices and enables individuals to make informed choices with an understanding of why they are choosing to do what they are.

The programme has been developed to build a culture where people are empowered, confident and have the right skills to adapt quickly to changing risks and make reasoned and confident risk based decisions and choices. This can only happen by understanding the underlying drivers of these choices and then ensuring the right solutions are implemented to provide this. This is particularly true for our safety leaders.

By working with mindsets, this programme gets to the heart of what the drivers of safety are and works with individuals, teams and leaders to identify the interventions and actions required to improve safety management and enable risk based decision making.

Our Making Safer choices programme moves beyond compliance and behavioural safety models to ask WHY people make the choices they do and build a culture where we celebrate the success of good safety performance ,  rather than the absence of accidents. Our programme aims embed safety  as the right thing to do, making it  just ‘part of what we do around here’. By working with individual mindsets and choices this removes all the negativity associated with safety –and instead it is part of business as usual.

Making Safer Choices mindset programme uses a framework and underpinning model ( Beyond the Obvious © ) to accelerate a mindset change and facilitate a cultural change. It works at the root cause of why people make the decisions they do by identifying the organisational factors that influence these choices. Unless interventions are made to change choices then there will never be a sustainable change to safety leadership and culture.

The Making Safer Choices initiative is designed with longevity in mind. Rather than focussing on quick fixes to specific issues, it instead recognises that the fast pace of technological change in industry creates ever more complex risks, and that a conventional ‘systems’ approach to safety management can neither adapt or evolve quickly enough to be effective in response to these emerging risks, nor take into account the influence of individual people within these systems.


Safety Products & Services

We offer bespoke consultancy & training solutions for the following. We offer end-to-end safety solutions to Plan, Do, Check and Act.

Our programmes create a safety behavior mindset that delivers


  • Understanding of what great safety behaviour looks like and their responsibility to deliver this
  • A proactive approach to Safety decisions and managing risk.
  • Improved Safety Choices when dealing with operational processes and business priorities
  • Improved Confidence in dealing with safety choices
  • Improved decision making when under pressure
  • Development of agile thinking and dynamic risk assessment techniques

 Through creating the mindset the programmes will deliver Business benefit

  • Accountability for personal Objectives on what a good job looks like for safety behaviour
  • Greater engagement that will deliver an indicative figure of 15% improvement on bottom line through greater discretionary effort
  • Visible safety leadership from senior leaders
  • Business case study of the programme to create best practice and roll out model


Our products :

  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Behaviour and Choices
  • Safety culture
  • Safety leadership
    • Directors
    • Senior Leaders
    • Operational Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Supervisors
  • Root cause Accident Behavioural Investigation
  • Conflict Avoidance



Working at all levels to improve the non-physical wellbeing of employees to increase employee engagement in an environment where high performance is the norm and where employees take responsibility for, and understand the role they have, in improving their own wellbeing. Using our unique STEP programme we give participants the tools to manage and improve their own wellbeing. Our Safety wellbeing programme specifically works to reduce work related stress , associated mental health issues and risks of fatigue .


The safety behavior programme needs to focus on changing mindset and helping the employees make better safer choices by changing their behaviours.


The content will be designed specifically to deliver the needs of the company through a meeting with the group health and safety manager and director of operations.