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Safety Culture & Behaviour Programme

Changing safety culture to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries 

Intro: Poor safety culture equals poor safety performance, putting your business and workforce at risk. More incidents, accidents and injuries mean increased cost to the business, lower staff morale and reduced productivity. Very quickly, workplace accidents and injuries are considered the norm, triggering your workforce to take safety-related risks. 

Our safety culture and behaviour programme improves safety and makes it sustainable. 

The Programme 

We get to the heart of your safety drivers and work with individuals, leaders and teams to identify the interventions and actions needed to improve safety management. We enable the organisation to be agile and responsive resulting in an effective and sustainable approach to safety. 

Our approach is based on changing the mindsets that drive the choices people make about safety at an individual and organisational level; we embed a culture of safety leadership across the whole organisation. By getting to the root cause we develop the skills needed to make better choices when dealing with operational processes and business priorities. Our programme improves decision-making under pressure, develops agile thinking and dynamic risk assessment. Together we build a culture where people feel empowered, confident and able to adapt quickly to changing risks, so they make reasoned, competent risk-based decisions and choices which: 

· Creates a culture of challenge and engage not blame 

· Reduce incidents, accidents and injuries 

· Reduce the costs associated with poor safety outcomes 

· Increase engagement and positively impact the bottom line 

· Improves wellbeing 

Our programme offers end-to-end safety solutions, which can be delivered as a package or as standalone solutions. Every option is adapted to your business, culture and concerns. 

Tailored solutions: 

· Safety culture 

· Safety leadership (all levels) 

· Safety behaviour and choices 

· Safety assurance 

· Root cause accident behavioural investigation 

· Conflict avoidance 

As well as safety solutions we also offer bespoke consultancy and training. 

Proven approach 

We use a framework and underpinning model that accelerates mindset change and facilitates cultural change. It’s a trusted model with proven results. 

Beyond the Obvious® | Expert facilitators 

Flexible support 

The programme is delivered through: 

· Group sessions 

· 1-2-1 sessions with managers and senior team 

· 1-2-1 sessions with colleagues where relevant 

· Presentations, seminars and training where relevant 

Suitable for organisations 

· Blame cultures, lack of ownership for safety 

· High accident rates 

· High incidence of near misses

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