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Women In The Workplace Programme 

Giving you the time, space and confidence to create your version of success 

Intro: From first-hand experience, we can relate to most of the gender-related obstacles and perceived barriers faced by working women in their pursuit of professional and personal success. Inequality, discrimination, poor behaviour in the workplace and more, is familiar territory. We know that they don’t belong but we also know that it’s highly unlikely that you alone can change the culture of your workplace. Yet if you’re to achieve your version of success, you know that something needs to change. 

Our programme enables you to move beyond perceived barriers and use obstacles to help you be the best you can be. Together we focus on the things you can control: your mindset and behaviour. 

The Programme 

We quickly get to the root of your perceived barriers to uncover the real problem. Starting from a deep appreciation of your individual circumstance and challenges, together we find solutions. You get the space you need to think and plan, and personalised, expert support to help you move forward. We discover what drives your reactions and behaviours so you can choose the best response in every circumstance to support your success. Together we: 

· Create your version of success 

· Empower you to make life-changing decisions 

· Build your confidence to make better choices 

· Re-discover your purpose, passion and direction 

· Build your mental toughness to cope with life’s stressors and challenges 

· Develop a supportive network 

Proven approach 

We create a supportive environment and take a holistic approach to give you the time, mental space and confidence to create your best life. 

Coaching | Mentoring | Practices including yoga and reiki | Trusted support community | Expert facilitator/ mental toughness 

Flexible support 

We deliver our programme in three formats so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

· Workshops (aimed at organisations) 

· Residential retreats 

· 1-2-1 sessions 

Suitable for 

· Female leaders 

· Female managers 

· Newly appointed managers 

· Future leaders 

· Female graduates 

· Return to work from maternity

Contact the Changemakers 

To discover how our programmes can help your business and your people achieve their full potential, get in touch for an informal chat.

Call 07779 962 213
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Words can’t explain how much you have helped and inspired me.
— Sarah