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Competing in a world that is volatile, rapidly changing and increasingly challenging requires smart sustainable solutions and better ways of working and careful choices.  Demands on leaders are becoming ever more complex as the pace of change increases and the world becomes less predictable.

At A Matter Of Choice we know that one size does not fit all. We spend time getting to know your business and culture to ensure we provide the solution that is right for you.

Underpinning all of our programmes is mindset, choice and behaviour change. Unlocking potential, leading to accelerated achievement within an individual and organisation. Cultural and leadership change starts with taking personal responsibility for your own choices, driven by your mindset.

It’s A Matter Of Choice.


We have a number of different products and services that allow us to partner with businesses to provide sustainable bespoke solutions. Working with people who share our values.


Our approach combines traditional methods with creative and innovative techniques, which look at transforming mindset and understanding the labels that limits us. Getting to the root cause to develop skills to make better choices and drive improved performance and sustainable change.


Our passion is to be the best we can be in all walks of life. We enjoy being curious and are able to work in ambiguity and greyness and have fun with it. This has led us to develop programmes in: Talent and capability; risk management solutions; coaching and wellbeing



Using our unique Beyond the Obvious ©  model we work on a one to one basis with individuals to really explore the limiting mindsets and beliefs that are holding them back. The coaching and mentoring approach delivers sustainable and accelerated change at all levels in the organisation.

Risk management solutions

We offer full end-to-end risk management solutions. Our unique safety behavioural programme provides tailored solutions to help employees make safer choices to improve safety culture in today’s challenging environment.

Talent strategy

We work with all areas of the talent wheel, from graduates, and new recruits to senior leaders. Ensuring that your talent strategy is best placed to meet your business objectives and aligned with your culture.


Working with senior executives and leaders to develop their potential to improve performance. A Matter Of Choice’s model helps diversify decision making to maximise performance. Our coaching approach explores how to change mindsets to deliver sustainable transformational change.

Diversity and inclusion

Designed to tackle the issues of diversity and inclusion by exploring the choices people make, looking at how we label and judge others. Our ethos is: No Labels No Limits.

It provides a creative approach to facing your gender challenges to help grow your female leadership team


Working at all levels to improve the non-physical wellbeing of employees to increase employee engagement in an environment where high performance is the norm and where employees take responsibility for, and understand the role they have, in improving their own wellbeing.